When you’re young, it can sometimes be hard for others to identify if you have ADHD. My brother also has ADHD, but it was more obvious since he literally couldn’t sit still and he was completely disorganized. I, on the other hand, didn’t realize I had an issue until high school. I just thought I wasn’t smart––it took me longer to finish homework, and I never did well on tests. Turns out, I displayed “extreme patterns of inattention and lack of focus, and a weakness with mental organization and processing.”

The purpose of this website is to break down the barriers to ADHD. Maybe you see yourself in some of the things I’ve described above. ADHD is not made up, and it is not an excuse that people use. Now that I’m in high school, my understanding of ADHD has deepened. I'll be sharing the various study strategies that I've been using throughout high school and some interesting research that I've found along the way.

I hope you enjoy!