Do I Have ADHD?

So let’s break this down. How would you know if you have ADHD? Middle school is rough and students often show signs of ADHD when the workload and expectation increases. Here are some of the trends I had in middle school that made me wonder whether I had ADHD or not:

  1. Inattention: I can sum this up in one word procrastination. I would stare at my homework and never get anything done. Every night I stayed up late to finish my work when all my teachers said it should only take 20 minutes to complete.

  2. Mental organization: Trouble organizing my thoughts. Writing an analytical paper was incredibly difficult for me because I had so many thoughts and ideas bubbling within me, but when it came to execution, I had difficulty conveying it succinctly in an organized manner.

  3. Processing: A simple task like reading becomes almost unpleasurable because it takes me so long to get through a book.

  4. Lack of focus: My heightened sense of hearing and smell were a constant distraction in the classroom. I could hear the sounds of pencils scratching on paper, the toe tapping of the student on the other side of the room, the sniffles, the shuffles, the commotion outside the classroom, and yes, even the smell of sweaty socks from the student who kicked off their shoes were a distraction to me.

These are only some of the traits that come with ADHD and, obviously, there are several more. However, since these are the main traits that affected me, I decided to share these specific ones with you.