Hi everyone!

When I was little, I hated attending birthday parties. I remember them like it was yesterday—the deafening squeals from a roomful of excited children, music exploding from the loudspeakers, and the sensory overload from all the commotion. It was all too much. Throughout my childhood, and even now, my senses were always overloaded by regular things, such as cars honking, sirens, motorcycles, and the subway.


Having this enhanced hearing caused several problems for me in school. For example, the sounds of shoes tapping against the floor or pencils scratching against people's papers were super distracting. Looking back at it now, I realized that these background noises were what I would focus on instead of the task I had been assigned in class. As a result of this, I would often perform poorly in school, and it was defeating thinking that I was inferior to my peers.


It wasn’t until I was thirteen that I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Turns out ADD enhances the senses, which explained my super-hearing. It also explained my inability to keep up in class as the workload began to pile on.


I had to relearn how to organize my thoughts and teach myself how to study. It was a tough transition, but I got through it. Now that I’m a senior in high school, I created this website to share my study tips. ADD is a learning disorder, but it can be overcome. I’ve conducted research on this topic and I’m excited to share it all with you.



Alyssa :)